Michael Carroll - Behavioral Interventionist

Michael Carroll, affectionally known as Mr. Mike, is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Having graduated from Mount Mercy University with a BA in Theatre and a BS in Psychology, he used his skills to teach theatre to children and adults for 24 years. In many settings, he worked with groups diagnosed with various forms of mental and physical illnesses. Through his adventures in teaching, he has seen the amazing growth of confidence, creativity, emotional intelligence, and empathy. Most recently he was the Theatre Teacher at Academy for Integrated Arts.

Mr. Mike is very grateful to be a Behavior Interventionist at Gordon Parks. The children are greatly respected by the staff and the staff clearly respect one another. It is in a loving and caring community that children feel safe and are free to learn and become their best potential self.

In his spare time, Mr. Mike can be found laughing with his husband and his dogs Baxter and Harvey. Laughter is a resource that should be used frequently.