Tyler Smith - 2nd Grade Teacher

Tyler teaches Second Grade at Gordon Parks. He got his teaching license through an online Masters Program through Kansas State University. This will be his first official year as a full time teacher. He student taught last year at Gordon Parks and he was a boxing coach for the last five years. Through boxing he grew to love working with kids and teenagers helping them achieve their goals and make a difference in their life.
Before Gordon Parks he worked at a clinical research company for three and a half years in addition to being a boxing coach. He also worked at a bank for two years and a news station for a little over a year. He was born and raised in Kansas and for the last three years has lived in Missouri.

Tyler says: “I'm most looking forward to continuing where we left off last year in building relationships with our students. I was lucky to student teach in the same grade that I will be teaching this year so I will be familiar with how things work at that level. I also was lucky to finish the last two weeks last year as a substitute teacher for first grade. So I was able to get to know the students I will be getting this year.”