Every mentor is part of the Gordon Parks family.  As such, the mentor serves an important role within the family.  Here is our vision to be a mentor at Gordon Parks Elementary School:

  • You are a teacher!  You can serve in this role by leading by example and assisting the teachers in the classroom.
  • You are a role model!  You will model what great behavior looks like and be an example to the student what they can strive to be like.
  • You are a listener!  You will serve as someone the student can talk to without offering judgement or evaluation.
  • You are a protector!  You can help provide a safe environment at school where the student can make mistakes and grow in confidence.
  • You are a communicator!  You can serve as someone who can assist with communication skills and appropriate communication to and from the student and with the teacher(s).

If you are interested in being a mentor and part of our school family for a student at Gordon Parks Elementary School, email Sarah Dee or call at 816-753-6700 ext. 1021.